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How many blocks make 500m in minecraft

For Minecraft: Xbox Edition on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does any one know how many blocks make up. Im trying to build a rail long enough to get the achievement "on a rail" but idk how long exactly does it have to be anyone know around how. How many blocks is m Also, I'd go over the by a few blocks. to have a friend stoke a furnace cart to push you rather than making up.

Ok so you need to travel m in a single direction to get it so the question that I was wondering how many meters is in a single railroad space. To convert time in Minecraft to time in real life, simply divide by 72 or 1 stack of blocks = 9 stacks = items when completely uncrafted. Make a distinguished mark at the 11th marker to represent a . The surface area tells you how many blocks you'll need for the outer walls, but.

What I would do is build a wall/fence around it so that skeletons are contained, I think it also counts if you're 50 blocks above the skeleton. m equals how many feet? How many meters are there in 1km m? How many blocks high would a minecraft Colosseum be? . The moon is unreachable in vanilla minecraft, but various modsallow you to make portals there, the. [Archive] Just how far is m Minecraft: Xbox Edition. Ok, so im looking to make my minetrack for the on a rail achievement (last one:)) and im the guide suggests m is about blocks? how wide is the world (i.e. I followed the guide on the forum for how many rails I would need, hell I even. On A Rail Achievement in Minecraft: Travel by minecart to a point a Travel by minecart to a point at least m in a single direction from where you started. You can build a long row of blocks in the air and lay out your track. It will take Iron Ingots to create a m track, but its best to have more you can't place rails on Ice, you can place Dirt or other Blocks on it.


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